special profiles for trains

Sadef special steel profile for train

Sadef has developed a multifunctional roof edge beam in collaboration with a leading French train maker. The profile section is the result of intensive co-engineering between Sadef and its customer. The profile replaces a welded assembly of different profiles that were welded together over a length of 18 m, a process that involved a large number of quality issues.

Replacing the different profiles with their specific functions by a single multifunctional beam enabled Sadef to offer a cost-saving solution.   Moreover, the roof edge beams are neatly packaged in suitable steel containers tailored to the special transport requirements for long profiles.


Did you know...

... Sadef has recently invested in a unique roll-forming line capable of producing large and heavy formed tubes, up to 6 mm in sheet thickness and up to 300 mm in height.

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