profiles for agricultural vehicles

Sadef profiles for agricultural vehicles

At Sadef, we combine the latest post-treatment technologies such as lasering and bending, with customer-specific asymmetric profiles, in high steel grades, up to 6 mm in thickness, which has contributed to the strong position we hold today in this sector.
Here, too, our many years’ experience and expertise in mandrel bending, free-form bending and roll bending serves us well as it allows us to ensure a seamless connection between the glazing and the bent profile.

Do you expect your cab to meet the highest requirements and qualities of the market and also to be ROPS/FOPS proof? Then Sadef is your ideal partner!

Did you know...

... Sadef has recently invested in a unique roll-forming line capable of producing large and heavy formed tubes, up to 6 mm in sheet thickness and up to 300 mm in height.

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