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Sadef profile plans

Each profile we supply is unique, Sadef designs and manufactures custom-made steel profiles. In most cases, we examine the specific issue with the customer and together we devise an innovative solution with steel profiles.

Our customers know their application best, Sadef specialises in cold profiles. A constructive exchange between both parties has in many cases led to highly innovative, cost-saving solutions.

Sadef is the solution provider!

In-house design of tools

Once the profile form has been defined, Sadef designs and manufactures the necessary tools (rolls and punching dies). Sadef remains fully responsible for the creation of your new profile.

In-house design of tools at Sadef

Customer engineering team

Sadef has a highly trained team that not only manages the commercial aspect but also guides you in the creation of your specific profile. They are there for you, from rough sketch to finished product, no challenge is too great for them.  They are the listening ear, they can draw on their own experience and use innovative techniques and technologies to assist you in creating the ideal profile.

Customer engineering team at Sadef

Sadef – design office

When together creating a customer-specific profile, Sadef can in a number of cases provide additional services such as the calculation of profile properties or loads, etc.

Sadef design office

Did you know...

... Sadef has recently invested in a unique roll-forming line capable of producing large and heavy formed tubes, up to 6 mm in sheet thickness and up to 300 mm in height.

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