Steel Profiles

Roll formed sections are made according to client wishes. They are designed and engineered together with the client taking into account the required tolerances and features so as to make the profile ready for purpose.

Sadef covers the following spectrum:

  • Thickness: between 0.4 mm and 11 mm
  • Stripwidth: from 50 mm up to 800 mm
  • Steelgrades: up to 1200 N / mm2 ultimate strength

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What are they used for?

custom roll forming

CRF stands for CUSTOM ROLL FORMING. Sadef designs and manufactures open and closed custom made steel profiles. Sadef is your ideal partner for cold-forming of a steel strip to special form...

Sadef has a comprehensive range of Sigma, Sigma-plus, CEE, CEE-plus, I-plus, IS-plus and ZED profiles, allowing projects to be completed quickly and cost-effectively.

Sadef sections are...


Sadef's Automotive unit also manufactures your custom-made open or closed cold-formed profile, either co-designed or not.

We do not, however, confine ourselves to the actual profile, we go...