Roll-forming is the process of transforming steel strip into profiles. The steel strip is cold-formed step by step over a number of roll-forming stations by means of upper, bottom and side rolls. It is a continuous process, each roll is responsible for the subsequent step in the transformation of the steel strip to its final form. Sadef's roll-forming process integrates strip and post piercing, allows for online high-frequency and laser welding, integrates mechanical connections, and yields profiles cut to actual length.

Sadef profiles are manufactured from the appropriate material (pickled, pre-galvanised, pre-painted, stainless steel) and can be provided with integrated functions through the integration of online piercing.  The special formed profiles can finally also be provided with a suitable surface treatment (cataphoresis and powder painting).

Sadef is also your ideal partner for special formed tubes!
Our roll-forming process supports the manufacture of tube profiles from steel strip by high-frequency or laser welding. We can also deliver closed profiles via mechanical connections (including riveting and clinching). Joints on pre-galvanised profiles are post-treated inline. Different steel components can be joined offline by MIG or TIG welding.
One-stop shopping is a daily reality at Sadef!
We deliver also bent tube profiles via 3D roll / mandrel / die and stretch bending. More info? Click through to Profiles for Automotive.



Applications for this profile

Sadef safety cab made of steel profiles

Sadef steel profile. Application in safety cab of heavy excavators. Conforms to the most stringent European standards.