Profiles for the automotive sector

In recent years, Sadef has successfully banked on the use of cold rolled profiles within the passenger car industry. Our technical capabilities, including the use of high-strength steel grades, and flexibility have persuaded many car makers to switch to cold-formed profiles. Today Sadef offers an excellent alternative to the deep-drawing process which used to be commonly applied. Moreover, Sadef conforms to the most stringent requirements imposed by the automotive sector.

Combined functions

Our profiles are already being used in the automotive industry, more particularly in trunk cover systems, battery systems, sliding doors, bumpers, open roofs, etc. Want to know more? Be sure to check out our Applications.

Sadef seeks to manufacture profiles that are capable of integrating or combining several functions, thereby reducing your assembly time and cost to a minimum. Perfect examples of this can be found in the bus industry where, for example, we combine the functions of roof purlin and side rail into one profile, allowing the side windows and the recess to be connected without any problem. Or take our highly complex forms, manufactured from thin materials, designed for luggage racks in combination with the air-conditioning tubes.

Weight reduction

Under the current environmental legislation, weight reduction remains a hot topic within the automotive sector. Here, Sadef offers a unique technology that combines two sheet thicknesses, resulting in a profile that consists of two different thicknesses. Read more about this under the tab page Innovations and Technologies in our section Profiles made of variable sheet thicknesses.



Applicatons for this sector

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Sadef special steel profile for car sliding roof

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