Sadef's Innovative Technologies

Inspired by our customers and the markets in which they want to be competitive, Sadef constantly focuses on identifying and applying innovative technologies, integrated into or additional to the roll-forming process.

Sadef is more than a manufacturer of steel profiles. Sadef is the ideal partner for devising, with you, innovative and intelligent solutions that help you establish a leading position in your sector and industry!

Used technologies

Surface treatment

Sadef is also the right address for all surface treatment techniques: zinc phosphating, cataphoresis and powder painting up to 12 m lengths.

inline high-frequency welding

Alongside open profiles, Sadef has inline roll-forming capabilities for special formed tubes in various steel grades: pickled, pre-galvanised and stainless steel. Profiles can be high-frequency welded.

sadef inserts

Punch rivets, punch bolts and blind rivet nuts can be fitted inline.

Profiles from variable sheet thicknesses

Weight reduction is a key consideration in many industries, not only for environmental legislation and fuel-saving reasons, but certainly also for cost reasons: every mm of steel counts!

Logistic performance

We ship profiles worldwide in safe, appropriate packaging. This, too, is co-engineering!

Sadef stainless steel profiles

Corrosion resistance has become an absolute prerequisite in many industries, hence the increased use of profiles made of stainless steel grades. Sadef has over the years accumulated valuable expertise in the cold-forming of stainless steel.

Sadef free-form bending

Sadef may rightly be considered a pioneer in the area of 'profile bending'.

Sadef inline bending

At Sadef, we always seek to offer our customers the highest possible added value at the lowest possible price.