Expertise in stainless steel profiles

Sadef stainless steel profiles

Corrosion resistance has become an absolute prerequisite in many industries, hence the increased use of profiles made of stainless steel grades. Sadef has over the years accumulated valuable expertise in the cold-forming of stainless steel. These profiles find application in trains, trams, buses, the food industry, windows and doors, agriculture, marine, container and tank construction, and in many other sectors.

Stainless steel profiles may be the solution for your application.




Applications for this technology

Sadef steel profile for buses and coaches

Sadef profile for buses and coaches. Used to ensure safety. Long lengths possible. High level of finish.

Let's create that fitting solution together

Each profile we supply is unique. Sadef designs and manufactures custom-made steel profiles. In most cases, we examine the specific issue with the customer and together we devise an innovative solution with steel profiles. Our customers know their application best. Sadef specialises in cold profiles. A constructive exchange between both parties has in many cases led to highly innovative, cost-saving solutions. Sadef is the solution provider!.

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